Life Changes

life changesOnce in a while, you have to kick the can. Just to see if there’s anything in it. You want to hear it rattle and make a bit of noise. Make it change. Right?

Heraclitus summed up the human existence in seven short words. “Change is the only constant in life.”

Two minutes from now you will not be the same person. Why? Because you took a drink, had a thought, breathed, finished this page. You changed.

Want to make changes in your life? Read. Books. Newspapers. Magazines. Comics.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to read. My earliest memories are of my mother helping me learn to read. Decades later, I still love to read. You could say I’m addicted to a good story.

Much of what I’ve read over the years has been technical manuals. But I’ve always saved “special” time for fiction. The technical manuals are now crowded out by great story tellers. They overflow the modest bookshelves in my home.

Story-telling is the way to instill values, teach concepts and preserve culture. Recalling the spooky tales my Great Uncle Tig used to tell us on dark nights around the campfire is one of my fondest memories. That’s entertainment!

Comfortable in my favorite chair the writers words carry me off into new worlds. I can visit the other side of the world or the other side of the universe. The stories from those writers reveal our deepest desires, biggest fears, and greatest strengths.

Sometimes thoughts and ideas run wild through my mind. I can’t resist writing them down. Those stories will show up here when they’re ready. Read the reviews, enjoy the musings, leave a comment.

What’s your story? What makes you gasp, giggle or sigh?

Now that you’re here, and changed, enjoy…and read.